Quick Answer: Which Bank Can I Pay NHIF?

How do I pay for NHIF penalties?

How to pay NHIF penalty via MPesaGo to Mpesa and click Lipa na Mpesa option.Go to Paybill Option.NHIF Paybill Number 200222.Next, key in your national ID number then add ”y” at the end i.e ” 32688811y”Enter Ksh 250 for each of the defaulted months.Enter your Mpesa PIN.You will receive a confirmation message for the payment..

What services does NHIF cover?

The cover includes hospital bed charges, nursing care, diagnostic, laboratory or other medically necessary facilities and services, physician’s, surgeons, anesthetists’, or physiotherapist’s fees, operating theatre charges, specialist consultations or visits and all drugs, dressings or medications prescribed by the …

Where can I pay NHIF?

How to Pay NHIF Penalty via MpesaGo to your Mpesa Menu.Click on Lipa Na Mpesa.Select Paybill Option.Enter Business Number(200222)Enter your National ID number as the account number and add the letter “y”, for instance, 34566732y. … Enter the amount to contribute.Input your Mpesa pin number and send.More items…•

What is the deadline for paying NHIF?

9thNHIF operates under the directive of the ministry of health. One should be paying all monthly penalties by the 9th of every month. If one is paying after this date he or she will be considering paying late fees and attract penalties.

How much should I pay for NHIF per month?

For members under the voluntary category, they pay Kshs. 500 per month (Kshs. 6000 per annum). For those in formal employment, contributions are made as per their income.

How can I know my NHIF balance?

How do I check my NHIF balance?Open your phone messaging application and compose a new SMS message.Type the letters “ID,” space, then your National ID number (or passport number if applicable) for example ID 12345678.Send the message to 21101.SMS charge service is Ksh 10 above standard rates.

How can I pay my NHIF monthly contribution?

NHIF KENYAGo to your MPESA menu and select Lipa na M-PESA.Choose Pay Bill and enter Business no (200222).Select Account no and enter contributor’s National ID Number.Enter amount (KES 500.00 per month)Enter your MPESA Pin.Confirm all details are correct then press OK.

What are the new NHIF rules?

New NHIF rules to hit voluntary membersThe affected members will have to wait for 90 days, up from the current 60, to enjoy the benefits.The scheme has also introduced a 12-month upfront payment for those joining.Also, with effect from January 1, a member can include only one spouse and five children as dependants.

Does NHIF cover eyeglasses?

Members of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) will access eye treatment and optical glasses if a new Bill before Parliament becomes law. … NHIF will provide the limits of the optical cover.

How can I pay NHIF through KCB?

How to pay NHIF via NHIF paybill numberOpen your phone’s M-Pesa menu.Click lipa-na-mpesa.Select Pay Bill.Type NHIF Business Number 200222.Type your National ID card Number as the Account Number.Type the amount you want to pay then press okay.Enter your normal M-Pesa pin.More items…•

Can you pay NHIF for the whole year?

The new rules require one year subscription payment upfront for voluntary members. … They require that if the default is for 11 months, besides the 50 per cent of the monthly subscription for all the months defaulted, they will also have to pay another one-year subscription in advance.

What happens when you stop paying NHIF?

50 % penalty for each month defaulted/paid late, up to 11 months. If defaulted, you pay a one-year advance and wait 30 days before getting any benefits.