Quick Answer: What Should I Do After BSc Nursing?

How many subjects are there in BSc nursing?

1st YearCourse CodeCourse TitleP (Hrs)PBSN 102Nutrition & Dietetics15PBSN 103Biochemistry & BiophysicsPBSN 104Psychology15PBSN 106Maternal Nursing2407 more rows.

What is the best course after BSc nursing?

This is a one year course after B.Sc nursing.Diploma in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Nursing. Diploma in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Nursing is commonly known as CVT Nursing. … Diploma in Nursing Administration. … Diploma in Surgical Nursing / Operations Room Nursing.

Is BSc nursing is a good career?

BSc Nursing is a four year course which is recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. This course focuses on reinstating health and providing care to the sick. It is a great career option for those intending to go for higher studies better their prospects.

Is BSc nursing equal to MBBS?

Is BSc nursing equal to MBBS? In that they are both Bachelor’s Degrees, yes.

What is the salary of government nurse?

The grade pay of entry-level staff nurse in a government hospital is Rs 38,000-Rs 45,000. Whereas in private hospitals it is between Rs 12,000-Rs 15,000. Railway and defense hospitals pay more than state-run hospitals.

Which nursing course is best?

GNM would be the best course among the 2 nursing courses mentioned above. After completing GNM course and registering as an R.N.R.M., one may pursue B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) course (2 or 3 years long). This career path will help one get a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.

Can I become doctor after BSc nursing?

Having a Bsc in nursing does not make you a doctor……. you need to go to MEDICAL school in order to practice medicine! … Many nursing programs and most schools in India are not considered to be qualifying as pre-med credentials for a major Western medical school program..

How can I study after BSc nursing?

Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing: Course DetailsType of course. Post Basic B.Sc. … Duration. PB B.Sc. … Eligibility criteria. Candidate must have passed GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) course after completing 10+2 Schooling (Science stream preferred in 10+2). … Admission process. … PG courses and further studies.

What is BSc nursing salary?

The average salary package offered to graduates of Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Nursing ranges from INR 3.2 lakhs to INR 7.8 lakhs per annum. This amount deviates based on the prestige of the institution or hospital the aspirant is employed at, the aspirant’s seniority, experience and diligence at the workplace.

Can a nurse become a doctor?

Nurses can go on to become physicians or advance practice nurses boarded in particular fields, such as family, acute care or psychiatry. … If you’re a nurse considering attending medical school, you must ask yourself why you want to now pursue medicine.

Which is best BSc or BSc nursing?

At today’s time, BSc Nursing far more promising than a BSc biotechnology. Because in BSc biotech, there are very limited scopes as career. But with BSc nursing, you have better options. And you can easily get a job as paramedical staff in hospitals and even outside too with good pay.