Quick Answer: What Does G Money Mean?

What is the slang for $100?

$100 bill is occasionally “C-note” (C being the Roman numeral for 100, from the Latin word centum) or “century note”; it can also be referred to as a “Benjamin” or “Benny” (after Benjamin Franklin, who is pictured on the note), or a “yard” (so $300 is “3 yards” and a $50 bill is a “half a yard”)..

What is G Money from GCB?

In January, GCB Bank launched G-Money, a mobile money service which allows individuals and businesses to store and make transactions on their phones and other personal digital assistant devices (PDA). This service is part of GCB Bank’s commitment to drive financial inclusion as part of its strategic objectives.

How much is 1k money?

1K = 1,000 (one thousand) 10K = 10,000 (ten thousand)

You will first need to visit any branch of your bank and tell them you want to link your bank account to your mobile money wallet. 2. The person in charge will take your bank account number, your mobile money number, your full name and some details about you and will start working on it.

What does G Money stand for?

If you look closely, that symbol is actually made in the shape of the letter “G”. That symbol stands for money. An urban term for “one-thousand dollars” is “G”. As in, “There are about a G’s worth of sneakers in that closet.” The term “G” is also used as an endearment for a friend or loved one.

Why is a dollar a buck?

Buck is an informal reference to $1 that may trace its origins to the American colonial period when deerskins (buckskins) were commonly traded for goods. The buck also refers to the U.S. dollar as a currency that can be used both domestically and internationally.

Who is GMoney?

Gary Burton, better known as Gee Money (born September 25, 1986 in Staten Island) is an American radio and television personality and actor.

What does Big G mean in slang?

For example, in the urban dictionary I read big G also means big gay or big Gangster and that’s how native speakers mostly use it.

How much is 2 Grand dollars?

A grand is one thousand dollars. A buck is one dollar. In Canada one dollar is also called a “looney” because ther is a picture of a loon on the coin. A two dollar coin is called a “two-ney”.

Is G Money Loan real?

G-Money Payday Loans has been proudly serving the financial needs of the Greater New Orleans community since 2002. G-Money Payday Loan provides access to quick cash loans. Our service is tailored to fit the needs of people who need some extra cash and need it quickly.

How can I use GCB mobile banking?

… just dial/call *422# (all networks) using the phone number you registered for the sms banking to set up and enjoy the new and improved GCB mobile banking service. You don’t even need to remember your old password. Once you are set up for the GCB Mobile Banking Service the sms banking will be automatically disabled.

How do I open a GCB savings account?

Application requirementsOne passport-sized photograph.Valid photo identity (Passport /Driver’s License / Voter ID).Proof of residential and postal address (any of the following): Utility bill. Tenancy agreement. Employer’s reference letter.Initial minimum balance to be maintained at all times.

How do I activate G Money?

when you dial *422#, select GCB Mobile Banking, select other services, select opt-in to G-Money and follow the prompts.

How do I transfer money from GCB to mobile money?

How To Transfer Money From GCB Account To Mobile Money Wallet And Vice VesaDial *422# on your phone.Select option one (1). … Next, enter your bank account number.Enter the amount of money exactly as you want to send to your mobile money wallet.Finally, enter your PIN and press the SEND button.

Why is 1000 called a grand?

The use of “grand” to refer to money dates from the early 1900s and as disconcerting as it may be to some people, comes from America’s underworld. … But in the early 1900s one thousand dollars was considered to be a “grand” sum of money, and the underground adopted “grand” as a code word for one thousand dollars.