Quick Answer: Is Telling Someone They Smell Good Flirting?

What does it mean if someone says you smell good?

If someone complements you, it’s either you smell insanely good or they’re indirectly telling you that they’re interested in you..

How do you tell a girl she stinks?

Tell her nicely. Don’t say, ““you stink like ass, go take a shower.” Be like, “Have you taken a shower recently?” And if she responds with “why” just say that she has an odor and you don’t want her to be embarrassed. If she says “yes” then say maybe she should take another one and give her some new soap.

Is it weird to tell someone they smell good?

If you just want to compliment someone on their smell, frame it in such a way that they know it’s not all that deep and you really just mean that they smell good and there’s nothing more to it. There’s nothing wrong with complimenting someone on the way they smell, as long as there’s no ulterior motive.

How do you compliment someone’s smell?

Make it seem like you’ve just noticed for the first time; perhaps even make it clear you’re sniffing for a second or two. Then with plenty of enthusiasm, just say “wow, you smell nice today”. Make sure you use the right tone though, and ensure it’s said as a passing comment.

Is it weird to tell a girl she smells good?

It’s not creepy and it will get her to smile. She may even reward you with a hug and a kiss…so that you can smell away! It’s perfectly acceptable to compliment a lady’s fragrance. But you might want to say something more than “Gee you smell good” .

What does it mean when a guy hugs you and smells your hair?

If a guy has an emotional attachment to someone they’re attracted to they will unintentional smell your hair when you hug them. They wouldn’t grab your hair and shove it up their nose, just a sly sniff to immerse themselves in your scent.

Can smells turn you on?

Instead, we sense smells via the olfactory system. Perceivable smells likely do play a role in attraction, or lack of attraction, in people.” … Here’s some truth about B.O. and attraction, says Bordone: It’s not the odor you’re actually attracted to.

Why do guys like to smell your hair?

Your hair is a big part of your general scent. The closer he is to that scent that he is already familiar with, the more he may want to breathe in the smell from its source. The source of your scent may be in your hair or he may think it is. Hence, when he hugs you, he is going to that source.

How do you describe the smell of someone?

Wispy, rancid, airy, musty, stale, fresh, putrid, faint, light, floral, and acrid are all adjectives that could pertain to smell. Smell origins may take the form of a noun (the smell of leather) or an adjective (a leathery smell). The adjective may describe the effect where the noun describes a specific source.

How do you compliment someone’s smile?

10 Compliments For A Man’s Smile To Make Him Smile MoreYour smile is the proof of not only your amiability but also your competence.Your smile brightens my day.Your smile can kill me (well, not literally)Your smile has become my guiding light.Your smile boosts my confidence.More items…•

What does it mean when a guy says you smell nice?

If he’s just said it to someone he is friends or acquainted with then it was just a compliment about how much he likes her perfume etc. It’s a subtle sexual compliment hinting at desired intimacy. You don’t have to touch someone to appreciate their odor. … For me, I’ll complement anyone on their smell if it’s good.